Mapula Legodi

Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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The Confidence Activator

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Entrepreneur Mapula Legodi is a multidimensional professional who is making an indelible mark in various spheres of human life. Legodi, who lives in Polokwane, Limpopo, proved her entrepreneurial acumen when she started a skipping rope challenge during the Covid-19 national lockdown that, much to her surprise and delight, spawned a new business that sells skipping ropes. During the enforced lockdown she suddenly found herself with a lot of time in her hands since she no longer had to travel. She then created a skipping rope challenge online to which her followers responded enthusiastically. Soon after, she started selling skipping ropes to a public keen to stay in shape during the Covid-19 lockdown. Her skipping ropes were safely wrapped inside bottles and came branded #skippythebottleofconfidence. In the process, Legodi, who was crowned Mrs Polokwane 2020, transformed her own body through skipping, a move that landed her on the weight loss and mindset coaching circuit. Today Legodi, who is a certified coach, trainer, and facilitator, gets invited to schools where she does confidence coaching as well as strategic planning and examination preparations for grade 7 and 12 learners. In addition, she does weight loss and nutrition coaching sessions with her clients via social media. “I have always believed in challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and inspiring people, especially the youth to become the best versions of themselves,” says Legodi.


Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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