Mpho Hottie

Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

Nominee's Province:
Western Cape


Project Name/Description:
Mpho Hottie Finance and Advisory

More info:

MPHO Hottie, from Cape Town in the Western Cape is a highly qualified academic, tax practitioner and accountant runs a business that up skills small businesses. This young and energetic young lady is currently enrolled for a PHD at the Nelson Mandela School of Public Governance (University of Cape Town). Hottie assists young businesses with financial literacy and tax education. She holds a B.Com, two post graduate diplomas in Accounting and general management respectively and an MBA Hottie was motivated to assist after realising the lack of knowledge amongst entrepreneurs on matters relating to taxation, financial literacy, and financial management. “I encountered a lot of small businesses that had enormous potential but did not thrive as a result of these issues and lack of capital. This motivated me to look at engaging with entrepreneurs on how you get funding ready and how you ensure that you are financially literate and compliant with the laws of the land so your business can thrive,”says Hottie. Her audience comprise clients she has business with through interaction in the advisory business as well as followers of her social media platforms where she hosts educational talks. Hottie is also a mentor for the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA) in the City of Cape Town with a special focus on compliance, financial literacy, financial management and taxation.


Youth in Business and Entrepreneurship

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