Lerato Mojapelo

Youth in Education

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It is not just her tender age that sets Lerato Mojapelo apart from her colleagues, but also her brilliance and achievements despite the mere five years she has been teaching at Thorisong Primary School in Secunda, Mpumalanga. The 29-year-old has succeeded in promoting the digital way of teaching through ICT integration in teaching and learning. She is now the district's first-place finisher in the Excellence in Primary School Teaching category of the National Teaching Awards. The energetic teacher has worked with young boys and girls who are struggling to read and write at her home-based after-school programme, but her enthusiasm stretches even further than that. Mojapelo is also involved in youth development and educational programmes in and around Secunda. She has attempted to find methods that can assist the youth to capitalise on their skills, while working on their deficiencies. That way, they can pursue their dreams with all their might and subsequently reach their goals.


Youth in Education

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