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Nokwethemba Mvubu

Youth in Education

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This Maphutha Secondary School teacher sacrifices her time to give her learners life lessons, outlining the importance of education in improving their circumstances. Nokwethemba Mvubu is passionate about education because she believes that learners could do great when given a chance. The young teacher knows the importance of fair chances too well, as she feels she would have turned out differently had she been not given one.  This is why she wants to contribute to the black child as much as possible.  “I’m not only supporting children, but I also understand that as a teacher, I am a lifelong student. I do this by continuing my studies towards my masters degree, so that I can contribute towards educational discussions and motivate my learners,” Mvubu states. To widen the scope of her influence, the teacher also supports learners who have learning difficulties by creating a network of mentors who can help them. “I love seeing a black child win, whether it is the result of formal or informal education. I believe teachers are sent to rescue the world,” she says. When analysing the school system in South Africa, the 29-year-old mentions that the system has some underperforming teachers with poor work ethic. She adds that the lack of community and parental support is also what largely affects the education system. She is frustrated by parents who have no interest in their children’s schoolwork. She is concerned about overcrowding, which impedes the necessary support that is necessary during teaching and learning.


Youth in Education

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