Hlayisani Sono

Women in Construction and Engineering

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Mhani Builders Construction and Projects

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Hlayisani Sono, 31, is fast cementing a reputation for herself as an exceptional builder who is not scared to venture into the unknown. Sono, a bricklayer who hails from Valdezia in Makhado (formerly Louis Trichardt), heads her own construction company Mhani Builders Construction and Projects that is blazing a trail in the construction industry.  Sono became involved in construction due to circumstances after the passing of her mother and when she had to make ends meet.  Little did she know that she would go on to be a beacon of hope and a change maker in the world of construction. Not only is she building sturdy and attractive homes for her community, she’s, more importantly, constructing a new image of what women are capable of achieving in male-dominated industries. Today, her company is on a path to success, even offering painting and roofing services.  “As a woman in construction, I have inspired many other women to be in the same field, and their interest is huge. I don’t just give orders to my team, but I also get into my overalls and wear my boots and my hard hat to get in the mix to lay bricks and build,” she says.

Women in Construction and Engineering

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