Mampe Elisa Koenyama

Nominee's Province:
Free State

Project Name/Description:
Unjani Clinic Botshabelo

More info:

At only 36, Mampe Elisa Koenyama runs an affordable primary healthcare facility in Botshabelo, which she founded after leaving her job as a nurse. Dubbed the Florence Nightingale of her generation in her community, she employs six young people and her clients love her sense of patient management.   The need for quality healthcare in her community is what motivated Koenyama to register Unjani Clinic Botshabelo last year. Her family and community also encouraged her based on her impressive work in the public sector.  “In just one year the facility has had such a positive impact in the community. Many people are now interested in their well-being and in ensuring the well-being of those around them,” says Koenyama.  The young people she has employed now have an outlook on life that motivates them to pursue career-driven lives. Her desire is to see the clinic grow and employ more young people. She would also like to see her patients living long. Her advice to anyone who is considering starting any business: “Dare to start, you have nothing to lose. Even in tartus a lotus blooms. That means we have the ability to rise above any situation, as long as we are determined.”

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