Pongo Pule

Women in Construction and Engineering

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Executive Director of Afribiz Invest

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Afribiz Invest executive director Ponge Pule excels in leadership, women empowerment Pongo Pule is an acute entrepreneur with extensive experience in financial services and insurance, construction and property development. Through strategic foresight, drive and intrinsic motivation, she has made a success of the companies she has worked with and developed despite being a woman in a male dominated industry. In 2004, she obtained a degree in Finance and Management from the Australian University, Bond. Thereafter, she furthered her studies at Unisa where she obtained a Certificate of Proficiency (LIFE). Over the years, Pongo has diversified from her finance background and branched into various industries where she sits as a Board Member. As a dedicated leader and selfmotivator, Pongo is a Board Member of different companies in Botswana. The group’s focus is on providing funeral parlour services, insurance and manufacturing. In 2007 she also co-founded a Botswana originated company, Key-capital that now has operations in Johannesburg and Harare. She is currently serving as an Executive Director at Afribiz Invest (Pty) Ltd where she is in charge of group strategic issues with over 22 companies under her leadership. In addition to these responsibilities, Pongo sits on the Board of Directors for TODO Consulting, Vahva Construction, Key Capital, Afribiz Training and Wereign Group. Afribiz Invest (Pty) Ltd is a Pan-African investment company with a focus on infrastructural space. Its main subsidiaries are in various industries including construction, property management, insurance, security, electricity and training. Pongo is passionate about empowering and mentoring women entrepreneurs. Pongo is involved in the Enable Women Mentorship Programme where she assists women in the infrastructure space with strategic planning and implementation so that they can grow and ensure sustainability of their businesses.

Women in Construction and Engineering

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