Heroic Women 2022 | Academia and Education | Dr Lindsay Kelland

Dr Lindsay Kelland

Academia and Education

Nominee's Province:
Eastern Cape

Project Name/Description:
Senior Philosophy Lecturer at Rhodes University’s Allan Gray Centre for Leadership

More info:

Dr Lindsay Kelland, a senior philosophy lecturer at Rhodes University’s Allan Gray Centre for Leadership (AGCLE), in Makhanda, Eastern Cape, was raped twice, firstly by a stranger and secondly by a close friend. “We will only undermine this culture of violence through shifting our ways of being in and perceiving the world,” Kelland says. Kelland is involved in local initiative that draws on the power of storytelling to assist with the recovery of survivors of gender-based violence, which is done through a series of workshops. She does this in partnership with the Makhanda Circle of Unity’s Education Cluster and the Makhanda Children’s Rights Coalition. “The focus is on positive gender identity, to be rolled out in secondary school in Makhanda from the beginning of 2023,” says Kelland. Kelland of Westville, KwaZulu-Natal, and who now lives in Makhanda, has conducted research and written numerous papers on gender, sexualities and sexual violence and feminism. A feminist, Kelland has worked with colleagues and students in the AGCLE to “design a student-led and student-centred engaged course in ethics”. Kelland is the founding secretary of Eugenia Nothemba Gxowa Foundation, an NPO that concerns itself with “advocacy and knowledgeproduction”.

Academia and Education

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