Emily Pinky Zuma

Women Nurturing in the Community

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Child and Youth Care

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When not working in the human resources office at Eskom, gospel artist and talent scout Emily Pinky Zuma, 59, of Soshanguve in Gauteng, gives hope to children who are vulnerable to drug trafficking, hunger, teen parenting, and life’s other ills due to poverty. Having grown up in a child-headed family herself, caring for her six siblings, she felt obliged to dedicate herself to changing young people’s lives for the better. Zuma is the founder and an executive member of the Thokozani Mnguni Child and Youth Sport Development Centre in Soshanguve. “We feed, clothe, encourage orphans and vulnerable children to do homework daily, and develop them physically through sports, arts and cultural activities,” explains Zuma. “We listen to their problems and grievances and communicate with relevant institutions to intervene with professional support.” The organisation partners with professional artists to provide job opportunities to vulnerable upcoming artists by creating platforms for them to showcase their artwork to broader audiences. “We also create job opportunities for unemployed youth, especially those who are leaders of child-headed families, enabling them to put a plate of food on the table for their siblings,” she adds. Zuma is a qualified child and youth care worker who served at a government institution for 11 years caring for orphans as well as vulnerable children and youth.

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