Mandisa Fatyela

Women Nurturing in the Community

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MANDISA Fatyela, executive manager at the Department of Public Works is one good example of a woman who is a fighter, game changer and smart with strong leadership traits. Fatyela as she puts it, is passionate about human rights issues as well as those issues related to social justice. She's an unsung heroic, a former public servant and independent thinker and practical strategist and researcher. Fatyela has been in the public service for over 26 years where she has occupied many senior positions including being acting director general and Acting deputy director general in charge of policy. She joined the ANC led Government as a Senior Executive during the time of President Nelson Mandela. “We were then taught to commit to service delivery and nothing else and the culture of stealing is foreign to my generation”, says Fatyela. She is passionate about research that explores socio economic rights as well as various models of service delivery. In 2020, she was requested by UCT's The Mandela School of Public Governance to do a video clip and a presentation for their Local Government Women Leadership Development Programme. The title of the presentation was "Moral Courage" and the focus was on the "dos and don’ts”. Fatyela holds a Masters degree in Sociology from the University of Concordia, Montreal, Canada and another Masters in Policy Development and Practice from University of Cape Town.

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