Four trendy destinations South Africans must explore in 2024

As the travel bug continues to spread its wings, South African travellers are looking for their next destinations to explore in 2024.

Every year, new and trendy destinations are added to individuals’ travel bucket lists. These are some of the hotspots that South Africans can consider visiting this year, for their promise of a unique blend of culture, adventure and relaxation.

Paris, France
The French capital is an enduring popular tourist destination in the world. In 2023, thousands of South Africans flocked to Paris to witness the Springboks win the Rugby World Cup for the fourth time and in 2024 the historical city is expected remain a hit, thanks to its unique attractions. These include architectural sites such as the Effeil Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dame cathedral; cuisine, shopping districts such as Louvre and Tuileries, the Marais and Avenue Montaigne-Champs-Elysées. There are also cultural tours, such as the Louvre Museum, and events to consider. Paris continues to captivate the hearts of travellers seeking a blend of sophistication and romance.

Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden is set to be bustling this year as it prepares to host the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest and its capital is getting major attention from travellers. Stockholm is a city built on islands and is rich with historic architecture. Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s charming old town, remains a popular destination for tourists. Other must-visit attractions include the Royal Palace, Stockholm Cathedral, and Stortorget, the oldest square in Stockholm. 

Lisbon, Portugal
The Portuguese capital is fast becoming a popular European destination thanks to its unique blend of history, culture, cuisine, vibrant atmosphere and incredible weather. Its architecture is certainly something to marvel at. The narrow cobblestone streets of the Alfama district and historic landmarks such as São Jorge Castle and the iconic Belém Tower are a treat for anyone visiting. Lisbon has also been called a city of hills, offering numerous panoramic viewpoints. Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the city, the Tagus River, and the city’s colourful rooftops from spots like Miradouro da Senhora do Monte and Miradouro da Graça. 

Miami, USA 
South Africans tend to flock to cities like New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta when they travel to the United States. Miami, Florida, however, offers never-ending fun throughout the year. The “Magic City” is famous for sun-soaked beaches, eclectic entertainment and vibrant multi-ethnic culture due to its vicinity to Latin America and the Carribean islands. 

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