‘Mothers need help in their feeding and parenting journey’

Most women feel that breastfeeding should just happen naturally, and when it doesn’t happen, then something must be wrong with them, which is not true.

This is according to Priscilla Macoba, a brand activation specialist from BabyYumYum, a South African parenting portal.

Macoba said all mothers need some help at one time or another on their feeding and parenting journey.

She added that they have planned to host a breastfeeding workshop to give support and guidance to expecting and new mothers.

“The workshop is a great chance to establish a supportive network for a mother’s breastfeeding and parenting journey in a non-judgemental environment.

“It will add valuable and brilliant insight for any mother because most mothers do not know that diet can affect breastfeeding in a good or bad way and that they have breastfeeding rights in the workplace,” said Macoba.

The workshop will offer compassionate encouragement and support as new mothers feel isolated when learning how to breastfeed their newborns. 

“Women need not feel alone in their breastfeeding experience and with any difficulties, that is why we do these workshops.

This is an opportunity to learn everything essential about breastfeeding from medical experts and mothers who have gone through similar breastfeeding challenges.”

The workshop on July 22 will look at the benefits of breastfeeding, producing healthy milk, techniques for latching properly, avoiding common breastfeeding mistakes, controlling milk production and allergies.


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