Skip the teas and do some jumping jacks

For those who were too stressed in January and somehow missed the fitness bug – it’s not too late, but using detox teas is not nearly enough to jumpstart your fitness journey.
Mind performance and lifestyle coach Lucas Mthenjane says any time is a good time to get fit.
Just start each morning with jumping jacks, alternating lunges, squats, push-ups in kneeling position, lying side leg raises, lying on your back shoulder bridge and a few triceps dips
on the floor in repetitions of 12.
He notes there is a buzz about “miracle” slimming teas ranging from moringa mixed with capsicum, to green teas and other concoctions that promise to get rid of excess fat. He says desperate folk with umkhaba problems should be wary as they only assist with water loss.
“They help with centimetre reduction around the stomach and somewhat around the hips and thighs. The teas have a diuretic effect. All good nutrients and minerals are eliminated
from your body causing discomfort in your abdominal tract. The disadvantages are that they cause bloating, cramps and sometimes constipation,” he says.
He recommends herbal teas like Chinese ones.
“These won’t detox you, but can assist with a more natural feel, keeping a clean bill of health when it comes to healthy digestion.”
By Somaya Stockenstroom


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