South Africans asked to swear profusely for a good cause

Johannesburg – Rare Diseases SA has asked South Africans to please spew obscenities and swear a lot.

This is for their Cure Rare Diseases Give A F*ck campaign.

But when you swear, whether it be after stubbing your toe getting out of bed, getting cut off by a taxi on pissed at an email that just landed in your inbox, you are asked to donate after doing so.

The funds collected will go toward a procurement fund for high-cost medicine for patients impacted by rare diseases

The foundation says most people curse approximately 80 times over the course of a day and said that those who resist the urge should lean on the brain research that suggests that profanity is a healthy stress release, especially when in pain.

“And while many might consider swearing less than savoury, a study revealed that people who curse often actually lie less and have a higher degree of integrity. Let’s be honest, at this time of the year, and after the year we’ve had between loadshedding and our own Covid-19 health risks – our f**ks are about spent.

“All anyone cares about now is making it to the end of the year and perhaps having some time off before the next lockdown is called. But the year is far from over for those the government and medical schemes are turning a blind eye to – the thousands of patients with rare diseases who now, more than ever need support.

“Not giving a f**k has become almost a new movement, and its prevalence only serves to highlight the extent to which most people really do care. It makes us feel like we’re all in it together. It makes us feel a little less detached, a little more understood. It makes us human,” said Kelly Du Plessis, who is the CEO and Lead Patient Advocate at the non-profit organisation.

She explained that in South Africa, there is no formalised Rare Diseases policy.

“This community is simply being ignored and told that their medications are ‘too expensive’ – now that’s offensive. Put another way, their lives are apparently not worth that much. But we think they are!

“We want to elevate public understanding of rare diseases, advocate for patient care and support and help navigate the challenges that people living with chronic illnesses, including rare and genetic disorders, and their families, face every day – and this fund is a start to helping with the high-cost of medicine.”

They hope to raise R100-million to kick start this risk equalisation fund which will spread the cost of treating these diseases evenly across the private and public sectors.

“So, we offer our apologies if you’re averse to the word f**k. We rather like it because it brings in donations to a cause we are passionate about, and we hope South Africa will be too. So, create a swear jar. Encourage friends and families to participate and join our #SwearingForCaring and #ProfanitiesForPurpose campaign.”

For more information on the campaign visit:

Give a Fuck (

(2) Profanities For Purpose | Facebook

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