Valdo’s dad scores gig on parenting show

Celebrity parent Lindokuhle Sithole has secured a debut presenting gig on SABC 2’s Raising Babies 101.

For many who have been wondering how he has been raising his musician and influencer pre-scholar child, tips and inspiration will be shared on the show.

He co-hosts the kiddies and parents show with Carol Ofori, who zooms into the do’s and don’ts of raising an infant every Monday, while he speaks on pre-scholars on Wednesdays.

Daddy ka Valdo, as known to many, said he fairly auditioned for the gig but believed that he was selected on the show because of his famous relationship with his son, Valdo.

He said his main aim was to help motivate fathers not to abandon their children but rather stay to witness their growth while being a part of their lives.

“Let’s be the best generation of fathers and correct the mistakes of our own fathers because most of us were raised by single moms,” he said.

Sithole said the strive to perfect his father-son relationship, meant that he should always be willing to understand his son and learn new things together to grow each other.

“I’ve learnt quite a lot from this show as a parent, it’s one of those shows where I learn something new on every episode about raising my son.

“In one of the episodes we were talking about being multilingual and how important it is for us as parents to teach our kids to speak their home language. At least a kid should know how to speak two languages,” he said.

He said he was also working on his new music while giving Valdo a chance to focus on school after he released a clothing line under his brand name last month.

“That is just another thing, being known does not mean that he must always be out to entertain people because school is still important. Being a parent is about balancing life and prioritising things that should matter most to your child,” he said.


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