Congrats to Matrics of 2021 – “You have what it takes to be successful”

Johannesburg-The matrics of 2021 should be congratulated for the dedicated effort that carried them through two years of lockdown affected schooling.

They are proof that hard work and teamwork can make a massive difference in reaching your goals, says student crowdfunding platform Feenix.

“Can you imagine how challenging it has been to try and study and finish your assignments and exams while you can’t see your fellow classmates or teachers in person,” asks Cara-Jean Petersen, the company’s student engagement manager?

“If I look at the feedback we receive from the university students we work with, they all point to the importance of having grit, patience, and determination.”

“It is definitely not easy being a student in the challenging world we live in, but I am confident that the matric class of 2021 have shown that they possess these qualities and that they have everything it takes to be successful.”

Petersen says students should remember that they are part of a larger community of caring South Africans, who are ready to assist them in furthering their academic plans.

“You are not entering this next exciting phase of your life on your own. You are our future teachers, software engineers, architects, and nurses, and there are many people who want you to achieve these career goals.”

The rest of society, she adds, can play a big part in supporting these learners who are now embarking on their chosen fields of study.

“Communities can do their bit in helping our future professionals by donating towards their studies, being a mentor, and by assisting with corporate skills development opportunities.”

Students should also never let adversity get them down.

“Remember, you are stronger than you think. If you don’t qualify for one opportunity, then look for another and another until you get your “yes!’ There is someone out there that believes in you and wants to support you, but it is your responsibility to help them find you.”

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