‘I’ll take care of your family’ – actress at Sebeng’s memorial service

An emotional Rosemary Zimu vowed to take care of actor Mpho Sebeng’s family at his memorial service, which was held at the Joburg Theatre in Braamfontein on Thursday.
Sebeng passed away following an accident in the early hours of Sunday morning in Klerksdorp, North West.
The actor, who was famous for his roles on shows including Ring of Lies and Miseducation, was lauded as an extraordinary actor, fashionista and everyone’s best friend.
Sebeng’s colleague on the Netflix hit series Bhengu Beauty promised to take care of the late actor’s family during her moving tribute.
Special tribute to the young star
“I want to thank God for you and to thank God for your family. [My prayer is] that God shines his light on and through them, and heals their aching hearts. I will take care of them,” she said.
Sebeng’s high school friend Reabetswe (no surname given) shared a moving story of her last memories with the actor. This was at her wedding a month ago, she said.
“The room is full of people who have experienced Mpho. His power, his purpose set in his ability to speak life in every single one of us.
“You could have met Mpho for two minutes and he would have left [you]with something. We are all here because he left us with something. We take that and we run with it,” she said.

“My biggest memory that I will carry forever, exactly a month ago on the 7th of April I was getting married. Nkule (mutual friend) was late. I am a punctual person. So time came that Nkule was supposed to speak on behalf of the friends.

“We were looking around and Nkule wasn’t there, but when I checked, Mpho was there…  I said Mpho must come and speak. Little did I know that that would be my last memory I have of my friend.

“The Sunday of the accident, I had just received pictures from our photographer. As we were scrolling [through the photos], Mpho’s picture came up,” she wept.

Fondest memories of a beloved friend
She added that Sebeng did not want to leave the wedding venue. He was the last person to leave after everyone else had left.

“He refused (to leave) even when the decoration team had cleared everything, but Mpho was still there… The party did not end because Mpho was bad with goodbyes When it was time to go, he would suggest we go to another place,” she said. 

Fellow actor Motlatsi Mafatse described Sebeng as an extraordinary actor.

“When Mpho arrived and he was young. I remember we said he was going to cause havoc. Because you could tell even in the way he walked that he had that superstar thing going. You could tell that he was quality. Mom and dad, in Mpho you gave us something magical,” he said.
Sebeng will be laid to rest over the weekend. 

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