ANC denies accusations of destabilising City of Tshwane

The ANC has denied accusations that it intends to destabilise the City of Tshwane.

The chaos in Tshwane comes on the heels of a six-week-long strike by members of the South African Municipal Workers Union, which has had dire consequences for the city.

Garbage collection has come to a standstill and violence and arson attacks have marred municipal bus operations, rendering them almost non-functional.

In response to this crisis, the provincial government is reportedly considering placing Tshwane under administration, again.

Tshwane was previously placed under administration in 2020 by the ANC’s Lebogang Maile, citing dysfunctionality.

However, the Constitutional Court later ruled that the decision was unconstitutional and unlawful.

On Monday, the DA in Tshwane accused the ANC of deliberately creating conditions for placing the city under administration, thereby jeopardising service delivery.

The DA expressed its determination to oppose any attempts to put the city under administration, arguing that the ANC is working to undermine stability in the municipality.

However, the ANC has taken a different stance.

Joel Masilela Ka Mahlangu, spokesperson for ANC greater Tshwane caucus, stated that the party has no intentions of creating instability in the city.

Instead, he said, the ANC sides with disgruntled workers who are protesting for their salary increases.

Masilela Ka Mahlangu emphasized the workers’ right to protest and the importance of holding political leaders accountable.

“The ANC has no intention of creating any instability for there will be no sense in us doing that,” said Masilela Ka Mahlangu.

“We have been calling on the DA-led coalition to engage workers, so that they’re able to explain to the workers the plans they have to remunerate workers on their increases.

“There’s nothing unethical that we are doing. We are saying each and every employee of the city is well within their rights to be protesting regarding the non-payment of pay hikes.”

He insisted that stability should be measured by the ability to deliver critical services and investment in human capital.

In response to accusations that the ANC seeks to overthrow a “legitimately” elected government, he said the ANC is not exasperated by the current leadership.

Instead, he said, it seeks what is best for the community.

The ongoing clashes between political parties and labour unions exacerbate the challenges faced by Tshwane residents, who are left grappling the consequences of the turmoil.

As the situation continues to unfold, the fate of the city’s administration and service delivery remains uncertain.


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