Anele Mdoda triggered by viral V class video

Johannesburg- A video of two females being chased out of a Mercedes-Benz V class went viral on social media this past week.

Radio personality, Anele Mdoda, took to Twitter to explain how this video has made her feel.

She stated that the video reminds her of a man she once dated, who would yell “get the f**k out of my house every time they had an argument in the relationship.”

“That V-class video is triggering to me because I dated a man who would tell me to ‘get the f*ck out of my house every time we disagreed or fought. It did not matter how much money I had or how I basically looked after the home.,  that is what I was reduced to. Just be kind guys,” read the tweet.

Mdoda also wrote that one time he said that and that was the end of their relationship and she never looked back.

View Anele’s tweets about the matter below: 

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