Be on high alert when out and about in town this festive season

Johannesburg- A surge in crime is expected to go hand in hand with the increase of festive shopping sprees and banking activities.

Authorities have warned members of the community to be alert during this season and the community is advised to be cautious while withdrawing money.

Syndicates across the target isolated ATM’s in shopping complexes where they pretend to help people. In the process, they exchange cards without the victim noticing them immediately.

They then run to ATMs that do not have CCTV cameras around town to withdraw money from there.

These syndicates are mostly well dressed and spoken, therefore only allow the security guards who work at the ATMs to help you instead. Some even dress as security guard officers.

Rather go inside the branch and ask for assistance if you are struggling with a transaction.

Here are tips to follow:

• Avoid overcrowded spaces, it is easy to get robbed in such places.

• Don’t put your handbag inside a trolley.

• At an ATM, refuse to exchange money with anyone, requesting change as they normally exchange with fake notes (money).

• Refuse to help anyone who asks you to give them cash saying they will transfer you the money because the queues are long.

• People going on holiday must post their vacation photos after they return home. Photos on social media can alert criminals to the fact that there is no one at home.

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