Big Brother evictee Vyno plans to make music like his idol Riky Rick

Big Brother Mzansi contestant Vyno Miller (Bongani Sikhukhula), who is one of the latest housemates to be evicted from Biggie’s house, said he knew Riky Rick very well and was not taking the news of his death well.

Hearing the news of the death of the iconic rap star immediately after exiting the house has not been easy for Vyno.

He said: “I can’t really comment on this because I’m still going through it, I have not dealt with it as yet, but it is sad news and painful at the moment, because I knew him very well.”

Vyno, who was introduced late in the game, was part of the first-ever triple evictions on Sunday. Yoli and Norman were also evicted from Biggie’s house.

Speaking to Sunday World, he shared that he did not have a strategy when he entered the house, but chose to be himself and not lie. “I just chose to be honest and let the housemates know that I am a signed musician who knows a couple of popular artists, so my strategy was to be as honest as possible,” he said.

Although he did not expect a triple eviction, he was expecting to leave sooner or later because of who he is. “The housemates might have felt that my life is put well together and that I did not need the money. Truth is I did need the money because I also do have struggles, it’s not easy being an upcoming artist.

“I don’t believe there is something that I did wrong because I don’t regret anything. I had fun and loved each and every moment of it.”

Besides missing the house, activities, and the housemates, Vyno shares that he will miss Terry the most. “My relationship with Terry is amazing, it’s fun, spontaneous and I would really like to continue it outside the house, depending on how she feels.”

Vyno believes anyone who is still in the house deserves to win the money, but he is strongly rooting for Sis Tamara, because of his competitiveness.

“My plans moving forward will be music. This will be a great opportunity after the house for people to actually know what I do, because music is my life.”

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