Children’s home social worker wins case of sexual harassment

Orlando Children’s Home former social worker Joy Dlakavu is laughing the loudest after she won a case of sexual harassment during arbitration.

The parties reached a monetary settlement to be paid over three months instead of reinstating Dlakavu to her role at the children’s home.

Dlakavu was dismissed from her duties after reporting a sexual harassment case. The matter was allegedly known to some of the staff but was never reported to the police.

She said it was heart-wrenching to learn that the matter was not reported to the police, but was dismayed that bringing the matter to light cost her job.

Dlakavu has been fighting tooth and nail to be reinstated.

Sunday World reported previously that the children’s home had claimed that the Department of Social Services had cut down funding for one social worker post.

Since she had only been with the company for three years, she was considered the first to leave.

“I am really excited that I have won this case, the Orlando Children’s Home had to pay me off,” she said.

“I looked like a crazy person for most of the time I went up and down fighting this matter, and they tried by all means to demotivate anyone who wanted to give me support.

“Today people are happy for me and I have been told that the employees have now received salary raises. How is that possible if the department indeed cut the funding?

“That would mean they do not have money. This shows that I was not crazy this whole time, I knew what was right for me.”

She said she is getting assistance from her son-in-law to get a good lawyer because she plans to fight one more time.

“I got a settlement amount and I am now planning to sue for damages, trauma and loss of income in a civil court,” said Dlakavu.


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