Chris Hani’s widow rejects MK Party and ‘alleged’ children

Chris Hani’s widow, Limpho Hani, wants former president Jacob Zuma’s MK Party to stay far away from the grave and the legacy of her late husband and warns the media not to entertain impostors posing as his children.

In a media statement issued on Tuesday through Morathi & Mataka Attorneys, Limpho called for restraint on the late struggle stalwart’s name and legacy.

This comes as Zuma and the MK Party were scheduled to visit the former SACP leader’s gravesite on Wednesday.

Said Limpho: “The MK Party and its members and/or agents are specifically not allowed anywhere near the gravesite of Chris Hani, nor is the said party allowed to use any symbols, including but not limited to pictures, names, apparel, insignia, etc., that Chris Hani stood for.”

Stealing from Chris Hani

She fingered Pumlani Kubekile, the MK Party convenor in the Eastern Cape, saying he was just the driver for Hani after his return to South Africa, and noted that his role was limited to staying in the car and never being involved in Hani’s intimate political activities.

She said Kubekile’s statement in the City Press at the weekend was “simply in a desperate attempt to gain political relevance at the expense of the rich legacy of Chris Hani”.

“For the record, I challenge the said Pumlani Kubekile to share with all good-standing South Africans the many incidents in which he personally stole Chris Hani’s personal bank card and the many withdrawals he made in the middle of many nights,” she said.

Hani said that if he were alive, Hani “would never associate himself with corrupt fraudsters, imposters, and effective criminals the MK Party appears to attract and/or associate with”.

“For the record, I, Limpho Hani, will not join and/or be associated with a political party that hosts and/or tolerates corrupt, fraudsters, imposters, and/or effective criminals like the MK Party appears to do.”

Corrupt, effective criminals

She said Hani’s political discipline was accurately and properly documented in the history of the ANC and the SACP and did not need the corrupt, fraudsters, and effective criminals to explain it to all and sundry in that regard.

She also took offence at City Press and Radio 702 for referring to Cleopatra Tunyiswa, Vanessa Phindiwe Madonsela, and Nosipho Khumalo as her late husband’s children, characterising them as well-known and devoted forgers and imposters.

She attached, “with much reluctance”, a letter from the Department of Home Affairs stating that, in terms of the official departmental records, Madonsela and Tunyiswa “are not supportive of their claims to be the daughters of Mr Chris Hani”.

In the document, dated August 25 2014, then-home affairs director-general Mkuseli Apleni investigated the status and authenticity of the claims made by Madonsela and Tunyiswa.

“I am aware that this case was referred to the department on June 1 2013, and attempts were made to deal with this matter as a criminal matter with the police.

“However, the police matter was not able to proceed as they did not feel they had enough evidence to open a criminal case.

“Regarding matters within the Department of Home Affairs, our records on the two individuals mentioned above do not show that they are related to Mr Chris Hani.

“This is based on documentary evidence they submitted to the department, which does not indicate Mr Chris Hani as their father.”

Apleni was then due to contact the two above-named individuals to appear before the department to assist with further queries relating to the matter.

Limpho said in her statement: “I am more than convinced that journalism in this beautiful country of ours has not just gone to the dogs; even the dogs certainly do not want it.”

Appalling journalistic standards

She added that the South African National Editors Forum “must be ashamed of the appalling journalistic standards at City Press and Radio 702 if there are any left”.

In 1967, said Limpho, her late husband and his brave comrades were already fully consumed in the Wankie campaign, which was properly recorded for posterity.

“Further, given the above serious task of national importance, it was humanly impossible for Chris Hani to have already been inside then-apartheid South Africa to father any of the three committed imposters, including those clearly born after his untimely death in 1993.

“These three committed imposters and fraudsters have continued to work with fake characters calling themselves comrades.”

Hani said she supported her nephew, Mphatheli Hani, in a statement released on behalf of the Hani family related to “the abuse and misuse of the said family.”

This is a developing story. Comments from the parties mentioned will be added when received.

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