Cleared Burna Boy concert investor not discouraged, wants justice

Nigerian singer, songwriter and record producer Burna Boy’s concert investor Gregory Wings feels vindicated after charges of fraud against him were cleared. However, the businessman still wants to pursue justice on the matter.

The charges were related to the flopped Burna Boy concert which was to take place at Joburg’s FNB stadium last September.

Spent a week in jail

Wings was arrested for fraud in October and detained at Sun City (Johannesburg Prison) for seven days. This after a case was opened against him and his business partner for missing monies and unfulfilled contracts relating to the show.

The charges were dropped in November as fingers pointed towards his business partner Sedote Nwachukwu. The latter has since vanished and is believed to have skipped the country to evade arrest.

Fugitive business partner fingered

Speaking to Sunday World on Friday, Wings said all he wanted to do was invest in the country by putting in over R9.1-million into the concert. He was reportedly approached by Nwuchukwu to invest in the concert. 

Wings was a funder, and left the organising of the gig to Nwachukwu. He realised later that Nwachukwu was not doing his duties as agreed. He was not paying suppliers and had scammed him of the R9.1-million.

Nwachukwu also mishandled ticket sales money from Ticketpro. After realising that he has been scammed, Wings opened a case against Nwachukwu at the Sandton Police station in September.

Disappointed, but not discouraged

“As an investor, I’m deeply disappointed by the numerous scams that have targeted me while seeking to invest my hard-earned money in this beautiful country. These deceitful actions undermine trust and tarnish the investment landscape. This is impacting not only individuals but also the broader economy of South Africa,” he said.

Wings, an American businessman in real estate, took the fall following the concert mess because his signature was on most contracts relating to the show.

“Despite efforts from the powers that be to discourage my investments in this beautiful country, I refuse to be deterred. Stay tuned for my next venture; it’s going to be monumental. I remain committed to contributing to the growth and prosperity of South Africa through strategic and impactful investments,” Wings said.

Still intent on pursuing culprit

He added that he will work with authorities to make sure that the real criminals in this matter are brought to book.

“I am elated and relieved to be vindicated of all fraud charges. However, my pursuit for justice does not end here. I am determined to ensure that all perpetrators involved are not only arrested but also held accountable through legal action,” he said.

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