Court to decide on Bapedi king’s fate

Mampuru ‘beat up wife’s mother’

Reigning King of Bapedi, Kgoshikgolo Billy Mampuru III, appeared in the Nebo magistrate’s court in Polokwane this week.

He was slapped with assault with intent to do grievous bodily harm charges last December.

The senior representative of the Mamone Tribal Authority in Sekhukhune district, Limpopo, allegedly moered his mother-in-law Mareme Serona with a sjambok and accused her of witchcraft.

The incident, which landed Serona in hospital, allegedly took place at the royal house where she was called in by the chief and his brother Nelson Serake.

She was allegedly beaten to a pulp for not visiting Mampuru’s ill mother.

Serona was allegedly accused of being the cause of the woman’s illness. Police spokesperson Matlafela Mojapelo confirmed Jane Furse police were investigating a case of assault.

A source from the Mamone Residents Association said the matter has been a known secret in the community since the victim was rushed to hospital following the assault last year.

“It’s almost taboo to discuss this matter in the community, many still don’t know what happened, but it is very clear that kgoshi beat up his mother-in-law at the royal house last year,” he said.

When contacted for comment, Serake, who is also Mampuru’s spokesperson, denied all claims.

He later called Sunday World and claimed the matter had been solved by the royal council and the story should not be published. “If you publish the story, you will be dividing the kingdom because this matter has been resolved at the royal house.

If you know what is good, you will not publish the story… or prepare for bloodshed,” he said.

Mampuru is due to appear for judgment at the same court on December 2.

By Boitumelo Kgobotlo

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