Court withdraws arrest warrants against Julies murder suspect cops

The Johannesburg High Court, sitting in the Palm Ridge magistrate’s court, has lifted the warrants of arrest for two of the Nathaniel Julies murder accused, Caylene Whiteboy and Vorster Netshiongolo.

Judge Cassim Moosa issued warrants of arrest for two of the three former Eldorado Park police officers after they failed to appear in court in Monday.

Their co-accused, Simon Ndyalvane, was present in court.

Moosa warned the two suspects that this is the last time a warrant will be waved in this matter.
Three up for shooting death of Nathaniel Julies, 16

The three ex-police officers are accused of the shooting death of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julies in August 2020. The Eldorado Park teenager suffered from Down syndrome. 

Taking to the witness stand, Whiteboy stuck to her previous argument. She said that Julies was killed by a second bullet on the evening of August 26 2020.

This was during cross-examination by state prosecutor Johan Badenhorst.

Whiteboy told the court that a doctor named Queen warned her about a statement she made. Queen said that the statement she wrote and took a picture of the next day, which was sent to accused two Simon Ndyalvane, will be used against Whiteboy.

Whiteboy said: “Queen showed me the picture of my written statement and told me that Ndyalvane will throw me under the bus.”

She (Whiteboy) questioned why it is that she knows that the evidence bag was sealed twice.

Accused claims second bullet was for her

“There was an evidence bag that had both a spent bullet and pellets,” Whiteboy said, giving Badenhorst eye contact through her reading glasses.

Badenhorst questioned the evidence that Whiteboy submitted to the court stating that she could not hear after shooting. She said her ears rang as after effects of the gun hitting her face.

Whiteboy told Badenhorst to allow her to explain her answers without him interrupting her as whatever she has to say is on record.

Whiteboy further reminded the court that the alleged second bullet was meant for her.

Colleagues involved in illicit activities

She previously told the court that August 26,2020 came exactly 10 days after she arrested six suspects. The suspects were dealing in illicit cigarettes that her co-officers wanted to profit from, she said.

Whiteboy reiterated before the court that Ndyalvane’s leadership style instilled fear in her. Her manner of dealing with things on the night in question and thereafter was because she feared for her life and was bullied by Ndyalvane.

The matter against the trio will sit before the court on May 23. Cross examination between the state accused one – Whiteboy, will take place.

Whiteboy told the state prosecutor that if he keeps on searching her phone he might find her pornography

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