DJ TeeJay returns to class after busy festive programme

Young house music DJ TeeJay is happy to be back to school after a hectic festive schedule.

The Northern Cape learner, Tumelo Merementsi, a grade 4 learner from Kuruman in the Northern Cape, gave performances at 12 events over the holiday season.

Merementsi, who began practising the art at the age of five, performed during playtime at church events for children’s ministry, as well as at kid festivals and private parties.

Speaking to Sunday World on Monday, nine-year-old Merementsi said he was elated to head back to school, as he had missed both his friends and books.

“I was looking forward to seeing my friends at school, as I missed them together with my studies,” he said.

Youngest house DJ

Merementsi, who is paid for performing at parties, has cemented his name alongside his peers, such as DJ Archie, as one of the youngest house music DJs in the country.

“Besides school, my plans this year are to get gigs outside of my hometown, and certainly that would be great for me, as a lot of people know me from clips on TikTok that I’m a young house DJ,” said DJ TeeJay.

As schools in Mzansi opened their doors last week for the 2024 academic year, DJ TeeJay said he has noticed that his school bag has grown heavier as he is required to carry more books in a higher grade.

“I am getting through grade 4. It has only been a week, but the school bag is extra heavy,” said the young lad.

“I still have to do well at school, have extra-mural activities, DJ, go to church, and still do my chores. She [his mother] makes sure that I don’t miss any of that,” he added.

Fine-balancing act

He said being in the entertainment industry will not interfere with his schoolwork.

“There aren’t gigs during the week; if I have a gig during the weekend, normally on Saturdays, I go to play, then come back to my other responsibilities.

On Fridays, I finish my homework, take a nap and then head to practice. I love deejaying, I love music, and practicing doesn’t feel like work or chores. I enjoy it.

“My advice to the ones who aspire to be DJs is to always be humble and respectful; don’t allow being a DJ to get to your head.

“I draw my inspiration from my mother; she always encourages me to work hard and balance my activities.”

DJ TeeJay, inspired by Black Coffee, Glen Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci, and Christos, said he’s hopeful of releasing a music project.

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