Doc paints picture of sex predator hubby

A Tshwane man has been accused of raping his well known medical doctor wife, his niece and his domestic worker at his Zambezi Estate mansion on three separate occasions this year.

The three victims have opened cases of rape against the man at Sinoville police station outside Pretoria.

And although the cases were opened between June and July, the man was still walking free. In her replying affidavit, which accompanied her application for an interim protection order against her husband, the medico said she communicated with her husband the day after the alleged rape, despite an order which prohibited both from communicating with each other.

“He knew that I was not OK about what he had done to me and so he initiated the chat with me,” reads the affidavit. 

The doctor stated that her husband suspected that she was cheating on him and she alleges that he had raped her as a way of checking if she had slept with another man when she returned home late from work. 

“This WhatsApp is indicative of his obsession and paranoia of me cheating and his acknowledgement that I was upset by what he had done the previous night,” reads the affidavit. The doctor also alleges in her affidavit that her husband had raped their domestic worker.

“I finally changed my viewpoint about the respondent when I heard that he had also raped his niece and our former helper, then I also decided to come forward with my case. I have laid charge of rape at Sinoville police station,” reads the affidavit.

Image: Daily Mail UK

In a police statement, his niece, who is from Durban, said the suspect picked her up from a restaurant in Hatfield, Pretoria and forced her to drink alcohol with him to “warm up”. 

She said after plying her with fire waters, they drove to his house where she was supposed

to sleep over and shadow his wife the following day as she was interested in medicine. The niece said en route to his house he aggressively pulled her face and forcibly kissed her, telling her “to be comfortable” and not tell his wife.

The victim said when they arrived at the house she greeted the wife, who was upstairs, and later went into her room downstairs to take a shower. 

She said her uncle stormed into the room, took off her pants, switched off the lights and raped her without a condom. 

The woman said he returned after a few hours and tried to rape her again without success. She said he then asked if she could perform oral sex on him but quickly exited the room using another door when he heard someone unlocking them main door. 

She alleges that the following evening (July 1) he raped her again when his wife and their children left her with him in the house to sleep over at a relative’s house. The suspect denied that he raped his wife and niece and said he had consensual sex with the latter.

Police spokesperson Mavela Masondo confirmed that they were investigating three cases of rape against the suspect. “The suspect was arrested and the cases were provisionally withdrawn. 

“The court gave instructions to the investigating officer to obtain further information and bring back the dockets for a decision,” he said.

By Ngwako Malatji

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