End of the road for DionWired stores

Chain stores closes doors as the total number of
Coronavirus infected rises to 116

Massmart, owners of Game Stores and Makro, announced that its DionWired brand will close shop today in a move that will impact thousands of jobs across the country. This comes as the rate of infection in the country has jumped to 116, according to Health Minister Dr Zwelini Mkhize. An update on the latest figures is expected today (19 March 2020).

The outbreak of the virus has negatively impacted major markets across the globe, with several major chain stores closing shops, unleashing uncertainties for many workers.

Massmart said in a statement its management have consulted extensively with the affected employees; organised labour and that all alternatives in respect of the potential closure of the affected stores have been exhausted.

“Accordingly, the Board has now taken a decision to close all of the non-performing stores. In light of the aforementioned decision, management will cease trading of the affected 23 DionWired Stores on 19 March 2020,” Massmart said.

“A decision to cease trade in relation to the 11 affected non-performing Masscash stores has yet to be determined by management.”

The company in January warned that it may close up to 23 DionWired and 11 Masscash stores, which could affect 1,440 employees.

The retailer added that it would try to mitigate the amount of job losses, as a result of the closure decision, through deployment of affected employees to vacant roles within the Massmart Group “where practical and reasonable. ”


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