Proud mum: Mome Mahlangu excited as her son TK matriculates

Johannesburg – Reality Television star Mome Mahlangu has recently taken to social media to gush over her son TK after he passed his matric.

Mome wrote a lengthy message to TK and narrated how she fell pregnant with him at the age of 20 while she was still on varsity.

“Filled with gratitude I’m a mother to IEB matriculant @zorovito God Is great we did it babe @tolassmothegamer like u said his lucky we never forgot to fetch him from school, we did it.”

“I was 20 here what was meant to be my 3rd year in varsity I became a mother, the crazy thing was my campus friends asking where do I see myself in life with a kid at 20 I won’t graduate, deep in my heart I didn’t want to graduate cause I knew I have a number of gifts.”

“I want to do everything before I die but I want to live and raise a healthy son, I made choices based on that and still found a way to do me my way, I refused to get married at this point, my family supported me, some things I saw in my visions and dreams as future problems in that relationship and 20 years later he says I was right in my prophecy.”

“He is the one person who trust my calling cause he saw and I kept dreaming. We had different visions and I still wanted to go live my life in Melville explore my dreams instead of being a wife in KZN, I lived Melville life and met @tolassmothegamer and the dream was to blend our family, he went to fetch Tk in KZN when we were pregnant with @khumopanda and said we are going to do it.”

“A rollercoaster ride with the case of the x even though it never worked on his side us to blend his side, I made peace with it but I prayed that he has a great relationship with Tk and mutual father to father respect with Vee to date.”

“We have humbly and respectfully blended ourselves over the past years. To the Nale, Mahlangu, Bhidla family who played a loving role in raising him Thank you so much, I’m a very loving & kind mom but my kids take advantage at times, thank you daddy @tolassmothegamer for always reminding the importance of not allowing entitlement and attitude in our kids but hard work and respect.”

“Congratulations Tk clear your thoughts to take the Gap year and make more music for The EP while growing,” she wrote.


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