Zakes Bantwini on that hit song ‘Osama’

Johannesburg- South African musician Zakes Bantwini real name, Zakhele Madida recently dropped his much anticipated hit single Osama on Friday.

Zakes released the song earlier than expected after being pressured by his fans.

Osama was to be released earlier this coming Friday but due to his fans, it was released a week earlier.

South Africa first heard the hit song Osama in August when Zakes was featured on the Kunye series which was initially started by DJ Shimza.

The series provides a platform to connect south African artists to international artists and audiences.

Speaking to Sunday World Zakes shared the inspiration behind his song Osama ad why he chose to name the hit song Osama.

“The inspiration comes from the spiritual realm,I wanted to create a song which is a soundtrack of your spiritual journey. Osama is a very spiritual song and when I was in studio, I could feel that it was a spiritual song and I didn’t want it to have a language or a subject matter. To some Osama means love to some it means it means hope, it means different things.”

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Zakes shares that he named the song Osama because it means lion in the Arabic language.

A lion is a very powerful animal that can resemble hope and strength so he wanted that roar and that lion within the song.

“I did not expect the song to go viral, I knew it was a beautiful song but I didn’t think it was going to be big, this big. For me I think I am really excited, I never expected this but I must say I’m super happy.”

The Osama hitmaker said the next step from here is the release of the album which will be out on the 3rd of December. He will also be touring the world from Kenya, Berlin, Europe, USA and will be doing a festival in South Africa called Africa’s Bestival.

“With the festival that I will be doing, I will be celebrating the success of Osama with a lot of artists who are my friends in the industry.”

Zakes describes his sound as elethro which is a fusion of both electronic and afro music.

He further described his sound as one which borrows from the two worlds and they are blended together.

“What you’re able to do with the sound is that you are able to enjoy the music anywhere in the world, whether in Kwamashu or you hear it in Lisbon, Angola or the USA. It’s a dance sound that is able to travel and go to different areas of the world and be enjoyed the same,” concluded Zakes.

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