Eskom warns against electricity voucher scams

Eskom says it has been inundated with requests to conduct investigations into scams that purport to sell “cheap electricity” vouchers.

According to the power utility, the dishonest scheme is promoted through social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp by duping people into paying for this “cheap electricity” through electronic funds transfers like eWallet and money market.

Thereafter the scammers disappear and leave the customers destitute and out of pocket.

“Eskom is working with several law enforcement agencies to trace and prosecute these unscrupulous individuals. We want to urge the members of public not to fall prey to these crooks, but to report these acts of fraud to the police without delay,” said Eskom’s General Manager for Security, Advocate Karen Pillay.

Eskom is pleading with the public not to fall prey to these crooks.

Meanwhile, cooperation with the law enforcement agencies has already resulted in some arrests and prosecutions are ongoing in the Eastern Cape and Mpumalanga, Eskom said.

“We urge anyone who comes across this criminality to report these acts of fraud to the police.”

Eskom has cautioned customers to refrain from engaging in such acts and to purchase their prepaid electricity vouchers from the registered Eskom vendors.

Customers can anonymously report illegal activities to the toll-free Eskom reporting line 0800 11 27 22.

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