Eusebius McKaiser resigns from Radio 702


Popular Radio 702 Presenter, political commentator and analyst, Eusebius McKaiser has resigned from the station.

The mid-morning show presenter is said to be leaving on June 19, after he opted not to renew his contract with Radio 702 owners, Primedia.

The news of McKaiser’s resignation comes amid numerous allegations that the station was ill-treating its junior employees and was facing serious financial and leadership challenges at top management level.

Sunday World has learnt that the station has also implemented a 30% salary cut for some of its staff, and are letting go of some presenters due to financial challenges

These details, according to a source close to both McKaiser and the station, are what led to his decision to jump ship.

The sources said the station was now a mess, and McKaiser felt out of place despite him having secured a better contract. 

“The station is no longer the same compared to when he came in. Remember the company doesn’t have a Group CEO and Primedia too doesn’t have a CEO. So it’s more of a leadership issue and the ill-treatment of juniors that made him reconsider his stay at the station,” said the source.

Another source said the station manager, Thabisile Mbete, tried to talk McKaiser out of resigning but said the popular radio presenter said his mind was made up.

The same source said McKaiser’s decision to leave was going to hit the station very hard, especially since it was benefiting them brand-wise, as the presenter was conducting interviews with international media such as Aljazeera, CNN and BBC, which gave the station mileage in terms of publicity.

“He was the best presenter they had, and now they are struggling to find his replacement,” said the source.

The official said the station has already started engaging a few potential candidates to take over from Mckaiser, but said they are under pressure to make an announcement since McKaiser was leaving in two weeks’ time.

McKaiser, according to the source hasn’t yet decided to join any other stations, although he was approached by SABC.

Primedia confirmed McKaiser’s departure today. He will be replaced by Clement Manyathela, a political journalist.

Manyathela will be moved from Midday report slot, to take over the 9am show.

 “702 has spent a lot of time understanding what our listeners now – and of the future – are looking for. We have valued Eusebius’s contribution and know that the next stage of his career journey will showcase his skills as a journalist, political analyst, Writer and of course master debater,” said Thabisile Mbete in the statement.

Journalist Mandy Weiner also makes a return to the Primedia Broadcast team, and will host The Midday Report.


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