Ex-DA official Bongani Baloyi accuses party of cadre deployment

After the DA’s court victory to force the ANC to reveal its records of cadre deployment, the blue party’s former senior official Bongani Baloyi has come out guns blazing, saying the party was also guilty of cadre deployment.

Double standards

Baloyi said this in a post on X on Thursday, accusing the DA of employing the same tactic when it came to cadre deployment.

He said that it was standard procedure for a DA mayor to seek the approval of the DA Fedex prior to taking a report to appoint senior managers of the municipality.

His allegations came as the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on Wednesday dismissed the DA’s application to have the ANC policy of cadre deployment declared unconstitutional.

The DA’s application was dismissed with costs.This saw party leader John Steenhuisen saying the DA will appeal the judgement at the Supreme Court of Appeal (SCA) and at the Constitutional Court if needs be.

Staff appointments done with party blessing

Baloyi posted: “It is true that the Democratic Alliance practice cadre deployment. When I was Mayor of Midvaal between 2013-2021, the municipality couldn’t conclude a senior staff appointment without the APPROVAL of FEDEX.

“It was standard procedure that all mayors apply to get the approval of FEDEX before the municipality would conclude the appointment. This practice hasn’t changed.

DA must release cadre deployment minutes

“If they have nothing to hide, they must release minutes of FEDEX and you will see that they practiced the same cadre deployment that the ANC practiced,” said Baloyi.

Speaking to Sunday World on Friday, Baloyi elaborated: “This was after the municipality had followed its own HR process of recruiting potential candidates to fill the vacancies of senior managers.

“This is the same approach to cadre deployment that the DA is lambasting the ANC of, it’s hypocritical and double standards,” he said.

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