‘Friend’ hires tracers to find ex-Bafana star Mbazo over unpaid debt

Former Bafana Bafana captain Aaron “Mbazo” Mokoena has found himself embroiled in a cat-and-mouse chase over failure to repay a loan.

Borrowed R10k from acquaintance in 2021

Sunday World understands that Mokoena borrowed R10,000 from an acquaintance to secure his bond in 2021. However, he has since failed to honour his end of the deal.

The acquaintance, Goerge Risimati, is a retired magistrate of the Bushbuckridge magistrate’s court. He is also director of Rhees & Rhees Legal Consultants in Giyani, Limpopo. He also occasionally acted at the Malamulele magistrate’s court.

Risimati revealed to Sunday World that he first encountered Mokoena during a soccer tournament in Limpopo several years ago. He has known him since then.

However, he clarified that their relationship could not be characterised as a friendship, despite caring for him.

Disappeared on arranged repayment date

Risimati mentioned that Mokoena had promised to repay him in June 2021 but unexpectedly disappeared.

“He said he wanted to register his bond. Aaron cannot be trusted. He has now blocked my phone. Attempts to contact him are unsuccessful,” Risimati said.

He said his failed attempts at reaching Mokoena have led him to hire private investigators to locate him. But Mokoena keeps changing addresses. He said he was last traced in Vanderbjilpark in the Vaal.

In January last year, Mokoena was slapped with a letter of demand. The letter, which Sunday World has seen, was sent by Risimati’s legal representatives, R. Maswanganyi Attorneys Inc.

It demanded repayment of the original loan amount, acknowledging Mokoena’s apparent disinterest in fulfilling his end of the deal.

Letter of demand ignored

“Despite the fact that our client has tried on numerous occasions to demand [the money] advanced, you have failed, refused, or neglected to pay our client what is due to him.

“We therefore expect payment of the amount of R10,000 on or before January 31, 2023,” reads the letter.

Risimati’s lawyers told Sunday World that after receiving the letter of demand, Mokoena pleaded with them not to immediately file a summons. He expressed concern about potential damage to his reputation. The soccer star also feared this will jeopardise a gig he had with the South African Football Association (SAFA) at the time.

However, this case has become a burden for Risimati, who is now a pensioner and facing financial difficulties, the lawyers said.

Cat-and-mouse games

“Last time he promised to pay, and he begged us not to send summonses. He said because it’d jeopardise his Safa employment chances as he was promised something there. [Mokoena] further told me he was unemployed at that time.

“He kept on promising to pay, so I decided to wait and see. All I need is to get back my money; that’s what I want,” Risimati said.

Sunday World’s efforts to reach out to Mokoena for comment were unsuccessful as he did not respond.

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