Samsung unleashes futuristic mobile experiences with Galaxy AI

Samsung officially brought artificial intelligence (AI) to its smartphone range, by unleashing the Galaxy AI for its latest Galaxy S series this week.

Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24, which are set to unleash new mobile experiences with Galaxy AI. The S Series will pave the way into a new era that will forever change how mobile devices empower users.

Maximise creative freedom

The new Galaxy S24 series will enable barrier-free communication with intelligent text and call translations. It will maximise creative freedom with Galaxy’s ProVisual Engine. The new gadget will set a new standard for search. This will change how Galaxy users discover the world around them.

The Live Translate feature is a two-way, real-time voice and text translation of phone calls within the native app. No third-party apps are required. And on-device AI keeps conversations completely private.

The interpreter feature will give users the luxury of having live conversations that can be instantly translated on a split-screen view. This enables people standing opposite each other to read a text transcription of what the other person has said.

Chat assist

For messages and other apps, Chat Assist can help perfect conversational tones to ensure communication sounds as it was intended. These are such as a polite message to a co-worker or a short and catchy phrase for a social media caption.

AI built into the Samsung Keyboard can also translate messages in real time in 13 languages.

In the car, Android Auto will be able to automatically summarise incoming messages and suggest relevant replies and actions. Example of these will be like sending someone your ETA. You can stay connected while staying focused on the road.

New preview feature for notes 

Note Assist features AI-generated summaries, template creation that streamlines notes with pre-made formats. Notes are easy to spot with a brief preview.

For voice recordings, Transcript Assist uses AI and Speech-to-Text technology. This transcribes, summarises, and even translates recordings, even when there are multiple speakers.

The home button will allow users to circle, highlight, scribble on, or tap anything on Galaxy S24’s screen to see helpful, high-quality search results.

The Samsung S series will be available on the South African market on Valentine’s Day next month. 

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