Government officials sexually abused me – Magudumana

Nandipha Magudumana maintains that her arrest in Tanzania in April, together with her lover Thabo Bester, was illegal.
This she said in a statement that she issued from the Bizzah Makhete Correctional Centre in Kroonstad, Free State, where she is awaiting trial.
She also expressed gratitude to friends and family for their unwavering support during her incarceration. 
Magudumana faces multiple charges including aiding and abetting Bester, a convicted rapist and murderer, escape from lawful custody, defeating the ends of justice, arson, fraud, and violating a corpse. 
In a statement, she outlined the difficulties she has faced since her fall from grace, stating that she has resorted to finding strength in deep conversations with God during time in jail.
“I would like to assure you that I am holding on in faith,” she said. 
Magudumana also addressed different narratives surrounding her arrest, asserting that through her legal team, she is aware of many false statements that are being spread around. 
She, however, resolved to address the matter at a later stage. 
“As women’s month comes to an end, I’m reminded about the struggles women face in our country,” said Magudumana.
“In the near future, I will be in a position to give you deeper insight on the following:
  • The painful times I have suffered physically, emotionally and financially, and sexual abuse at the hands of powerful men including some of the most powerful and prominent families in South Africa;
  • My painful experience at the correctional facility including the plight of woman inmates and the violation of their human rights;
  • The merits concerning the allegations against me and the events which transpired in Tanzania, [which] are currently before the courts and will also be addressed at a more appropriate time.”
She acknowledged various productions being put together about her life, and clarified her stance.
“I’d like to categorically state that if my voice or that of my legal team is not represented, there is likely no truth or credibility to that story,” she said. 
She also revealed that she has granted exclusive rights to her story to a local black woman-owned production company.
Magudumana also expressed her longing for her children and her determination to fight for their reunion.
“Lastly and most importantly, to my beautiful children, I miss you so much. Mommy loves you,” she said.
“Mommy is fighting with everything she has to be with you again. I will see you soon.”
During Magudumana and Bester’s appearance in court in Bloemfontein early in August, allegations of inhumane treatment towards them emerged.
These were revealed by their legal teams.
The alleged inhumane treatment that the couple endured during detention and on their way back to the country from Tanzania is being investigated.
The couple returns to court on October 11.

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