Grootman and Gcinile Twala’s breakup getting messier

Gcinile Twala and her estranged baby daddy, Themba Selahle, popularly known as Grootman, were giving couple goals on social media until everything went south when they broke up.

The two were known for their on-and-off relationship, characterised by a highly publicised lavish lifestyle. However, this time Twala left Grootman and moved on.

Grootman, an alleged con artist who runs a Ponzi scheme, did not take the break-up well. A few weeks ago, he demanded that the mother of his child return everything he had ever bought her.

On Monday morning, Twala trended following a leaked sex video of her during an intercourse with her ex-fiancé. Grootman, however, denied leaking the sex tape and claimed that his iCloud account had been hacked.

Women’s group condemns revenge porn

A non-profit organisation, Women for Change, issued a statement defending Twala. It called for him to be arrested for allegedly leaking the sex tape.

“Women for Change are deeply appalled and outraged by the sex tape that was allegedly leaked by Themba Selahle, known as ’Grootman’. This heinous act of revenge porn is not only a gross violation of privacy. [It is] also a deeply traumatising experience for Gcinile Twala.

“We call on law enforcement, policymakers, and community leaders to take a stand against revenge porn and all forms of gender-based violence & Femicide (GBVF). We urge everyone to support Gcinile by refusing to share or further engage with the video. Instead, let us use our collective voice to condemn GBVF and demand justice,” read the statement.

Alleged Ponzi scheme

In 2022, the Financial Sector Conduct Authority [FSCA] sent out a warning to the public. The public was warned “to be cautious when doing any financial services business with Themba Selahle (Mr. Selahle). [He is] also known on social media as @xo_grootman.”

“Mr. Selahle allegedly offers to trade in forex on behalf of members of the public. He
promises high and unreasonable returns to clients. And [he] is alleged to ignore them when they attempt to withdraw their funds or their profits.

“… the FSCA points out that persons offering to trade in financial products on behalf of South African citizens are required to be licenced by the FSCA. The FSCA wishes to inform the public that Mr. Selahle is not authorised to provide financial advisory and intermediary services in South Africa,” said the FSCA.

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