Heavy K faces eviction

Ngqelakhe says rapper still owes her a fortune

Musician Heavy K is facing possible eviction from the pad he bought from Thandile Ngqelakhe who is at her wits end with the rapper for allegedly refusing to honour his  financial commitments.

The legal battle between Ngqelakhe and the muso over the purchase contract of a house in Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape has reached boiling point.

In 2018, Heavy K took to social media and boasted that he bought his dad a new house, worth over R1-million, but it has since transpired that the Umoya producer’s family is living in a home that does not belong to him.

“Never been so proud of myself like I am right now! Daddy’s new home, my new home! Now he has everything he always wished for,” he wrote.

In a purchase contract signed by both parties, Heavy K was meant to pay R500 000 by March this year for the home worth R1.06- million.

The contract states that R100 000 was to be paid on or before June 1 2018 and R400 000 on or before March 31 2019.

The balance owing on the bond account held by the seller was to be paid by the purchaser on or before December 31 2019 and according to the document. Heavy K has only paid R300 000 to date.

“This deal has put me in a difficult situation. I had to downgrade from the way I’ve been living. I no longer live a normal life. I even had to go into debt in
the form of credit cards to survive,” said Ngqelakhe.

“I keep getting deeper into debt. I had to remove my kids from the schools they have been attending as I could no longer afford the fees.”

Ngqelakhe now wants Heavy K to vacate the house and has since gone the legal route.

Her attorney has issued a letter of demand for payment as per the contract.

“The attorneys followed up with a cancellation letter [on August 6] as per the contract, giving him a notice of 30 days to vacate the house. He was supposed to vacate on the 9th September 2019. He did not vacate the house,” she said.

Ngqelakhe said her lawyers have taken further steps to serve Heavy K with an eviction letter, which she said would increase her legal fees that she cannot afford.

“All I want now is to rent the house to people who are willing to pay and relieve me of the debt.

“I no longer want to have any dealings with Heavy K,” she said.

Heavy K’s legal representative, Bongani Khanyile, said it is “untrue that our client has not made any payment towards the purchase price this year as
published by the owner on social [media] networks.

“Our client is not worried about an eviction application as he is in lawful occupation of the property since the transaction is still in existence,” wrote Khanyile in his response.

“[I«] such an application [is] brought [it] will be vigorously opposed. When our client informed the world that he had purchased property for his dad he did not misrepresent himself, this was the true state of affairs and remains so to date.”

In a telephonic recording between the owner and Heavy K, he admits to have breached the contract.

“To be honest , according to the contract , really from my side I have failed,” he said.

By Nokuthula Zwane

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