High court reserves judgment in LPC case against Teffo

Judgment has been reserved at the high court in Pretoria where the fate of controversial Malesela Teffo was scrutinised on Friday.

Judge Justice Nyathi said the judges who are presiding over the matter will need to apply their minds over the matter before handing down judgment.

“This matter needs our consideration, and we won’t issue an order right now. Judgment is reserved. We will continue with the matter at a later date,” said Nyathi.

Teffo, whose career is hanging by a thread, first appeared before the high court on Thursday to square off against the Legal Practice Council (LPC) in its bid to have him debarred. In its application, the legal watchdog recommended that Teffo be suspended pending further legal action.

Alternatively, the LPC wants the court to strike Teffo off the lawyers’ roll and strip him of his practise certificate. LPC advocate Mfesane Ka-Siboto said the council had received 22 damning complaints against Teffo, which warrant for his removal.

Teffo argued that he was not even aware of the complaints against him, however, the LPC said it had notified him. Teffo said he is a reputable lawyer with many enemies, and added that the LPC’s application is a retaliation from the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) and the police.

“From yesterday, I have been accused of such serious allegations … and I deny them,” said Teffo. “I am here because of the retaliation of the NPA, the office of the president, and the SAPS … I took an oath that I would abide by ethics.

“I have a clean record from as far back as when I was a police officer for 19 years. These faceless people are denting my name.”

The embattled advocate this week pushed for a postponement in the matter and stated that he needed to prepare for defence, however, the judges dismissed his request and said he he had known about the complaints.

Teffo argued that many people would suffer if he were to be debarred. “I represent a lot of black police officers who are dismissed and I’m successful,” he said.


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