How music genres pump up sex life

While music is known as food for the soul, a new study has found it also fuels sexual desire and satisfaction.

According to a study by TickPick, Music Influence on Sexual Behaviours: Exploring the Intersection of Music and Sexual Preferences, the music you listen to is likely to give us insights about you.

TickPick, a US based ticket seller, surveyed 1 010 people who enjoy listening to music and are sexually active.

“Of all the ways music may influence your life, you may not realise its connection to sex. The songs, artists, and playlists you have on repeat can actually impact your attitudes and expectations in the bedroom,” reads part of the report.

The research found country music listeners had the highest sexual desire and satisfaction, followed by blues and jazz music fanatics.

It also found that most blues-genre fans lasted at least 16 minutes in bed, while hip-hop and rap listeners were likely to prefer oral sex.

Nearly one in four folk music fans cried during intercourse.

Pop fans, on the other hand, were the least likely to be satisfied in the bedroom, according to the report.

While just over 61% of R&B music lovers polled are satisfied with their sex life, local R&B musician Ntando Bangani reckons that in SA, the genre is the baby-making sound.

“I think R&B is a very sexual music sound because it is very smooth and easy to listen to when having sex,” he said.

“I do agree that music affects sex life and that is a beautiful thing especially for a couple who would love to celebrate their love.”

According to Lynell De Dominicis, who is married to dance music DJ Tranzl8tor, music and sex affect three parts in the brain. These are: social and bonding,
reward and pleasure. She said the combination also affects the limbic system which processes human emotions.

“Music and sex stimulate the same parts of our brains. Our music abilities come from the right side of our brains and listening to music is like having a shield over your brain.

“Music can be a powerful aphrodisiac and improves our mental development, and classic music stimulates the regeneration of our brain cells,” she said.

She quoted musician Hannah Harrington who said: “He took his pain and turned it into something beautiful. Into something that people connect to and that’s what good music does. It speaks to you.”

By Boitumelo Kgobotlo

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