I was in a dark space, going through hell – Pitch Black Afro

Veteran rapper Pitch Black Afro wrote a song as a memorial to his late wife, Cathrine Modisane, whom he killed seven years prior.

The Ntofontofo hitmaker killed Modisane at a bed and breakfast in Yeoville, Johannesburg, in June 2020.

He was sentenced to 10 years in prison for culpable homicide, of which five years were suspended.

Pitch Black Afro said on SABC Tindzaba that he wrote the song Closer of Chapter as a way to cope with and move past the loss of his wife.

I did not get a chance to bury my wife

In the song, he used a sample of the beats and rhythm from Bill Withers’ popular song, Ain’t No Sunshine.

“I did not get a chance to bury my wife after that unfortunate incident,” said Pitch Black Afro, whose real name is Thulani Ngcobo.

“After some time thinking all alone and reflecting on what it could have been if she were still alive, I had the courage to pen this song.

“I was in a dark space, going through hell. In the song, I am relaying a message to her about what I am going through right now since I am out of jail.

“I still pinch myself to check if this is really me getting another chance in life.”

On your darkest days, friends are few

Asked about the lessons he learned from the ordeal, the Soweto-born rapper said: “It’s true when they say that on dark days, friends are few.

“I was shocked when people who were testifying in court were people I gave shelter to; I ensured they didn’t go to bed on an empty stomach.

“What hurt me was that they were testifying lies. From that experience, I have learned that in life, be on your own and do not be dependent on others.”

He claimed that his time in jail had deepened his relationship with God. After serving three years, he was given a special sentence remission in August 2023.

Special remission of sentences

The Department of Correctional Services confirmed that culpable homicide is among the offences covered by the special remission of sentences.

Singabakho Nxumalo, the spokesperson for the department, said: “There are no conditions to his release, as his sentence has expired.

“The remissions follow a 10-week release process, including a compulsory pre-release assessment and programme.

“The offenders who qualify for immediate, unconditional release can only be freed in controllable groups.”

Pitch Black Afro said God has afforded him peace.

“I view things differently, for God has afforded me peace and wisdom to view things in a calculated manner,” he said.

“I thank God for enabling me to go through this tough test because I believe I am a better person now than before.”

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