I’m blessed, says Shebeshxt after surviving near-fatal accident

Shebeshxt, a sensational rapper from Limpopo, left for a performance a few hours after being nearly killed in a car accident in Polokwane on Tuesday.

Born Lehlogonolo Chauke, Shebeshxt was fortunate to avoid serious injury in the collision that resulted in his brand-new Golf GTI being written off.

The Monateng hitmaker is shown in videos posted on social media taking personal items out of the damaged vehicle. The vehicle’s engine also appears to be beyond repair.

In other clips, the rapper, who was dressed in grey trousers, a black cap, and an identical T-shirt, can be seen posing for photos with fans by the side of the road while other people are filming the accident scene.


The cause of the accident is unclear, but Shebeshxt can be heard in one of the clips saying that the other car in the collision hit his vehicle and drove off.

“After it happened [accident], he just sped and ran away,” he can be heard saying in the video.

Emergency medical personnel attended to the rappers on the spot as bystanders carried on filming the videos.

Attempts by Sunday World to contact the rapper were unsuccessful, as his phone rang unanswered.

However, he wrote on social media: “Otherwise, ke rata kereke [I love the church], I’m blessed by G.O.D! Thank you, Lordddsxhta!”

Shebeshxt seemed to have recovered soon after the accident, as he showed up for a performance at Phela Car Wash and Shisanyana in Ga-Mothapo, Limpopo, on Monday night.

Fans were jamming along to his new hit, Shebe o Boile, as he performed in front of a packed venue while sporting a black cap, black T-shirt, and backpack.

Assassination threats

Shebeshxt’s followers were worried for his life in January when he claimed on Instagram that hitmen had been hired to kill him.

“They hired people to kill me. Pray for me,” he wrote on social media.

When Shebeshxt released his first hit song, Shxt Ke Shxt, in 2022, he became an overnight sensation.

He draws a huge following from the younger generation, who imitate his dancing, dressing mostly in Nike clothing, and singing styles.

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