“John Wick” guns down a Boko Haram gang leader

Johannesburg- You might be wondering who this “John Wick” that everyone is talking about is, but he has recently gunned down a Boko Haram gang leader in Mamelodi.

“John Wick” is not his real name and nobody really knows who he is but the community of Mamelodi and Soshanguve seem to be very fond of him.

John Wick has solely killed at least 9 people since September 2021.

This is how tweeps have reacted to “John Wick” and the work he has been doing.

“The guy is doing what police failed to do As residents of Mamelodi we’re happy with the developments”

“Another one just before we sleep! Mamelodi bafwethu John Wick is a busy man”

“Residents of Mamelodi have praised a man known as ” John Wick “, claiming that he has done what the police had failed to do. He is believed to be after Boko Haram, a terrorist organization that has been accused of terrorizing the inhabitants of Soshanguve.”


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