Jozi FM deejay due in court for hitting family friend ‘like a dog’

Jozi FM presenter Tshepo Junior Makgopa is expected to appear at the Protea magistrate’s court in Soweto on Wednesday for allegedly assaulting his wife’s friend.

Despite being charged with assault in February, the radio host is still on air, hosting the station’s popular Sunday midday show, The Sunday Lunch.

The DJ allegedly assaulted Rose Buthelezi on January 27 following a night outing that turned violent.

Speaking to Sunday World on Monday, Buthelezi said the radio jock brutally assaulted her “like a dog” for standing up for his wife, whom he allegedly started hitting first.

“The argument started when my boyfriend asked another one of our friends, Paul, for his money for an unpaid gig,” Buthelezi said.

“Tshepo interfered in the conversation and started swearing at my boyfriend, saying he was broke and was causing fights.

“So I stood up and asked him not to do this because we are in public and they might get recognised.”

Wife pulled out of car and hit with fists

Buthelezi explained further: “He then started swearing at me and calling me names. I realised that this might escalate, so I went to the bathroom to cool off.

“When I came back, they had all left, and it was time to go home.

“So we were using my car, and on our way, his wife asked him why he interfered during a conversation between my boyfriend and Paul because if he had not, we would still be having fun. He started swearing at his wife.”

Buthelezi said when they got to Makgopa’s house, he opened the car door on the wife’s side and started pulling her out and hitting her with fists.

“I got out of the car to try and stop him and speak to him. That is when he started hitting me,” Buthelezi said.

“He punched me in the face and hit me everywhere. It felt like he was just hitting a dog.” 

The accused refused to apologise

Buthelezi said her whole body was sore when she got home, and her face started swelling up in the morning.

“He hit me with open hands and fists, kicked me and kept hitting me against my car and pushing me inside.”

Buthelezi said the following day she approached Makgopa to ask him to apologise for what he did. She requested that he apologise formally to her family, but he refused.

She said Mokgapa’s wife called her and offered to send her money to go and see the doctor so that they could put the matter to rest.

Buthelezi opened a case of assault at the Protea Glen police station on January 30.

Makgopa was arrested three days later and charged. He appeared in court and the matter was postponed after he was granted bail.

Common assault case opened

Gauteng police spokesperson, Colonel Dimakatso Nevhuhulwi, said: “As per the case number provided, that is a common assault case opened for further investigation.”

Despite the charges against him, Makgopa is still on duty at the popular youth station.

Buthelezi said: “My family went and spoke to them at his work, but instead of suspending him, they put him on special leave.

“They refused to speak to my family. He still has gigs every weekend. He still gets a salary, and it is as if nothing has happened. This pains me so much.”

The radio host was not immediately available to comment.

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