Julies murder case: Accused ex-cop says scene was tampered with

“The scene was tampered with and I will not answer on what I cannot agree on.” These are the words of 27-year-old Caylene Whiteboy, who is accused of the murder of Nathaniel Julies.

Whiteboy is one of three ex-police officers who are accused of the murder of 16-year-old  Nathaniel Julies in August 2020. The Eldorado Park teen was suffering from Down’s syndrome.

Murder scene was shifted

Whiteboy told the court that the scene was shifted and that what she recalls and what’s before the court are two different things.

She further speculated that the witness that brought by the state and others were coached on what to say and how to say it.

The state prosecutor, Johan Badenhorst, unpacked the case and its merits in cross-examination with Whiteboy.

Badenhorst questioned and detailed the merits of being charged with attempted murder and murder. Whiteboy could tell the difference from her explanation.

“But I was not charged with murder in the beginning when we were at Protea magistrate’s court. I was later charged with murder and I am still trying to understand why. [because] I did not load the firearm,” Whiteboy said in her defence while in the witness dock.

Whiteboy dismissed the versions that the court pitted before her, as she believes the scene was tampered with.

Accused believes she was set up

She stated with a loud voice that the state withheld evidence in the matter.

“I remember that Johan Badenhorst requested the illegal ammunition from the head at the training facility so that my trainer could go test-shoot.”

Badenhorst dismissed Whiteboy and reprimanded her. He said that he would not allow her [Whiteboy] to derail him from the questions he was asking.

“Answer the questions before you, Whiteboy. Or are you refusing to answer these questions,” Badenhorst sternly said.

Judge Moosa postponed the matter to May 2 for the continuation of the cross-examination.

Speaking outside the courtroom, Whiteboy’s lawyer, Solomon Tshivhase, told the media that he has built a strong witness and, as it stands, the state will not break her.

“They will battle to break her. She is ready for them,” Tshivhase said.

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