KFC confirms store plucked workers’ feathers over R2 donation

Popular fast-food restaurant KFC has confirmed that one of its stores has hauled its worker through a disciplinary process for failing to collect R2 donations from customers.
KFC revealed this in a media statement, saying it was discovered following an investigation into the allegations.
Feathers flew after workers blew the whistle that they were put in the firing line over their failure to collect R2 donations.
On Wednesday, an anonymous employee shared a warning letter after staff was warned of dismissals for continuously failing to ask customers to make R2 donations
After denying the allegations, the fast-food chain released a media statement to Sunday World, admitting that it was aware of the incident.
Investigation launched
The restaurant also stated that it has launched an investigation into the matter.
“As soon as we became aware of the allegations, we prioritised an investigation into the validity of the ‘warning letter’,” said KFC in a statement.
“Unfortunately, this morning, we confirmed the allegations proved to be true.
“As a franchised business, we implement systems and processes to deal with incidents that do not align with our ethos and values and have already taken immediate action to address this incident, specifically, with the partner in question.
“We are also reminding our teams that a whistleblower line exists to report matters such as this.”
The restaurant added that the incident goes against the values and ethos of Add Hope, which the company has worked hard to build over the last 15 years. 
“Add Hope donations have and always will be completely voluntary. We chase hope, not targets, and thus Add Hope performance-based KPI’s should never be set for anyone,” KFC said.
Underprivileged children
KFC is one of a few restaurants that encourage customers to donate R2 towards the company’s Add Hope Foundation, which supports underprivileged children.
After every purchase at the store, before collecting payment, KFC employees ask customers to add an extra R2 to their bills as donations to this course.
However, the initiative faced backlash on Wednesday when an employee alleged that workers were made to sign a warning letter for failing to meet targets. 
In the letter, it appears that the employee only managed to raise R12 in donations while the store made more than R7 500 in sales. 
The letter reads: “This warning should be regarded as very serious, and if you continue this unacceptable conduct, it would lead to more serious action taken against you.”


  1. I suspect that this R2 wasn’t gonna be donated but used by that management. Otherwise why would you make someone sign a warning for something that doesn’t affect the business’ profits!
    I’ve always questioned why these billionaire companies ask their poor customers to donate instead of just donating from their CSI budget.

  2. How many of their staff have been laid off due to similar incident? Are they pulling the records from ten years back as I can guarantee to you that someone is unemployed today due to same allegations. Disappointing indeed .

  3. Just scarp this and raise prices then your do your donations. It is even unsettling to be asked more money while paying for something else. Feels like you being ambushed.

  4. KFC is worth millions why don’t they donate from their own pockets? And how do we know that those “starving children” are not inmates?

  5. I once was asked to donate R2 for hope. My reply was that hope can buy her own food. KFC probably does not record or declare the R2 as a donation and therefore makes it a tax deductable on their own taxes to be paid. I have never and will never donate and pressurizing employees to ask for donations is just immoral. Maybe KFC should be boycotted in this regard.

  6. You don’t do well in business by donating company funds. You do well by hustling your customers and then taking the credit and praise for their donation.

  7. I agree perhaps boycotting KFC will remedy the situationbecause I think it is also embarrassing for staff members to ask for money from the public KFC should resolve this before it gains momentum

  8. You pay tith from salary not a handout you received from a friend. Kfc is not doing charity otherwise they were supposed to run this charity from their profits. It would then prove that they are indeed sponsoring for charity but on the contrary they want customers to finance what they call charity. That’s pathetic.

  9. The article was so difficult to read because I was spammed left and right with tons of fake ads. Why does sundayworld.co.za have such drivel on their page. Reporting them to the ombudsman, it’s disgusting.

  10. Stop begging for money KFC you started a project therefore fund the project yourselves,are you not making enough profit.

  11. I agreed to donate and after I checked my slip the cashier charged me R2 per each meal I bought so I bought 4 meals and got charged R8.
    Unfortunately I won’t donate anymore as your staff are ripping off the patrons.


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