Kini Shandu iced from Sebenza Women Awards 2024

Umkhokha actor and Sebenza Women Awards co-founder Kininonke “Kini” Shandu has been suspended as the face of the awards.

This after he made a distasteful comment about women who conceive children out of wedlock.

The Sebenza Women Awards’ disciplinary committee announced on Monday that Shandu was only cancelled for the next seven days.

He, who has also been restricted from engaging with fans on his social media platforms, was ordered to delete all posts that are in bad taste against women, children, and men.

First-time offender

“Mr Kininonke Shandu will be treated as a first-time offender for bringing the name of the Sebenza Women Awards into disrepute,” reads the statement from award organisers.

“This means that we are not going to cancel or fire him from the executive, however, he now does have a disciplinary file against him and will be cancelled only this year from participating in the Sebenza Women Awards 2024.”

The actor will not deliver the chairman’s report, hand over any award, or show public face in relation to matters involving the awards.

His duties will be taken over by another executive member until he returns to his role for the Sebenza Women Awards in 2025.

The statement highlighted that Shandu would be permanently cancelled and fired if he is found to have repeated the same offence.

“Mr Kininonke Shandu will buy school stationery and sanitary pads for school kids and [after he’s] done [with] those … he will issue a 30-seconds apology video to women, children, men, and stakeholders who have been displeased by his conduct,” reads the statement.

Comments merely a joke

Shandu has already taken to social media to apologise, stating that his comments were merely a joke. However, he admitted that the remarks were in bad taste.

“Critically, it is important to clarify that the statement in question does not align with my genuine beliefs, the utmost respect that I have for women, and my commitment towards the promotion of their rights and empowerment,” Shandu said.

“I understand how my words may paint a contrasting picture, and I am truly regretful for any contradiction and disappointment this may have caused.”

He said it was a humbling reminder that all words should be backed by responsibility even when said as jokes, and claimed to have learnt from his mistake.

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