Kwesta welcomes new addition to his family

Kwesta Dakar welcomed his newborn daughter today.

On his Instagram post, the rapper whose real name is Senzo Brikka Vilakazi, commented that the little one is called Kenya Elihle Vilakazi.

“New Life. 11•11•2020. Kenya Elihle Vilakazi,” reads the caption to his post.

The proud father, who is now a father of two posted in August that when he and his wife, Yolanda, wanted to grow a family, God showed up.

Their first daughter, Khai, is eight years old and the couple were married in a glamorous affair in May last year.

“We are not goals. Like everyone, we take small strides each day to try and reach those, together. There has been joy, pain, LOVE, gratitude, disappointment, LOVE, gains, losses, LOVE, Katlehong, Maldives, LOVE, Kisses, Voetseks, LOVE, Strength, Fear, LOVE, good hair days and that thing on my head… And then LOVE once again… Then we try grow that, grow us and when we wanted to grow the family, God showed up… Eintlek… iVrou ispati maan, simithi, sigwinye ighabhu,” he said.

He joins Minnie Dlamini Jones, who also gave birth to a boy yesterday.


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