Lease drama for Miss Teen SA finalist

Joseph drags landlord to court over shop lockout

Former Miss Teen South Africa second princess Meeshka Joseph and her business partner Kayde Psiroukis are embroiled in a legal dispute with their landlord over R2.2-million worth of high-end sneakers, accessories and equipment stashed at their shop.

The partners, who own La Familia Street Culture, a luxury sneaker and barber shop in Parkwood, Johannesburg, filed a court application at the Joburg high court on Tuesday asking for an order compelling their landlord, Amber Brand Investments, to restore their access to the shop.

According to court documents, the business owners revealed their landlord had locked them out of the shop, which they have been renting for the past
three years, allegedly because of non-payment of rent. However, Psiroukis argued in the same court document that the eviction had nothing to do with rent, but everything to do with a dispute over a second lease agreement for the establishment of a food outlet.

The co-owner of La Familia Street Culture said they had signed a lease agreement for their sneakers, accessories and barber business in November 2016 but later decided to add a second one to open a food outlet on the same premises as their business was prospering.

However, court documents show that the second lease, signed in April, was cancelled by Amber Brand Investments after the landlord refused to allow renovation material on the business premises.

The documents further show that the cancellation also affected the sneaker business, which was generating at least R33 000 a day, as the landlord also decided
to shut it down too.

Psiroukis said in his affidavit that the landlord had changed the locks of the shop on November 11. He said he was also denied access by a representative of the landlord when he asked to remove their merchandise.

Arguing for an urgent application, Psiroukis said their business had sneakers and other luxury items on the premises worth about R2.2-million that could get damaged due to the rains as the shop’s roof was leaking.

They were also losing business as sales pick up during the festive period. Joseph’s representative from Saleem Ebrahim Attorneys confirmed the papers had been filed but said the matter is still pending before the court. “We are still waiting for the judgment because it was reserved.”

Legal representative for Amber Brand Investments Sam Samsodien Legg said: “Our client has contested all of La Familia’s unjustified claims and instituted a counter application, which arose because of non-payment of rent. We are unfortunately not in a position to answer your questions as the matter is sub judice.”

By Aubrey Mothombeni

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